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Video tutorial: The term of caretaking agreements

We discuss the 2021 academic legal article by Neil Hope & Dane Weber of Body Corporate Law Queensland (BCLQ) published in The Queensland Lawyer Journal.

Key topics discussed, from the article:

  • If your Body Corporate is in a 25-year caretaking agreement - this limits your owners' freedom of choice;

  • If you are more than 5 years into your caretaking agreement, your owners have the option to vote against an extra 5 years at the end (total 30);

  • If your agreement is greater than 30 years, your owners may be able to regain the option of exercising your freedom of choice of who provides caretaking services at your building once again (get independent legal advice for your Body Corporate).

This video relates to Bodies Corporate regulated by the Body Corporate and Community Management (Accommodation) Module 2020 (Qld).

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