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Commercial Body Corporate Management

Commercial owners want practical outcomes for their shared property. 

Commercial Body Corporate Committees enjoy:

Full support for your Committee and owners to ensure the Body Corporate manages and administers common property in accordance with the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (Qld) and the applicable regulation module for your scheme, including:
  1. Our Fixed Annual Fee gives your Committee and owners access to a full support experience without additional fees and gives your owners certainty of management costs when preparing your administrative fund budget each year; 
  2. Decision-making support: Full responsive support for your Committee to make decisions on behalf of your Body Corporate in between AGMs, including preparation of all necessary paperwork.
  3. General meeting & Committee meeting services: Assisting your Body Corporate to hold general meetings and committee meetings including preparation of all necessary paperwork;
  4. Compliant Accounting services: Full accounting services and financial management including error-free accounts payable and receivable with full transparency for all owners.
  5. Record & Register keeping services: Full record keeping services and full transparency for all owners and responsive customer service to all lot owners to reduce the risk of unnecessary and costly disputes in your community.
  6. Monitoring of long-term contracts: We keep an eye on your long-term contracts to ensure your service providers are complying with their contractual duties to you.
We are proud to refuse all commissions, kick backs and profit share arrangements on anything your Body Corporate pays for, including building insurance, saving your owners thousands.
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What is

Strata Vault?

At The (Nuu) Co, we know owners love transparency, especially about where their body corporate levies are spent.


Strata Vault is how we give all our owners 24/7 access to all of their body corporate records, and keep them up to date with what the committee is dealing with during the year.


Because if there's nothing to hide, why not show owners everything?

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