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Take the Committee Member Personality Test

A big part of building a well-functioning Committee is understanding that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

When you're a Committee Member, you may have regular interactions with your fellow owners, some of which are great, and others that leave you searching for estate agents to sell your apartment...

A key to achieving effective & reasonable decision-making in a group of volunteer Committee Members is to be open to learning how you tend to interact with people, and how others tend to behave.

Click here to take the free 10-minute personality test to learn more about your own tendencies, and the type of other personalities that you tend to interact best with:

Here at The Nuu Co, we assist your Committee to make reasonable decisions in compliance with all legal requirements applying to bodies corporate in the Gold Coast. This helps reduce disputes amongst owners, so you can spend your money on better things, like new pool furniture!

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