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It's not about the leak, it's about how you react to the leak.

During heavy tropical rainfall in the Gold Coast, there are 3 kinds of apartment residents:

  1. those experiencing no leaks (obviously the best category to be in);

  2. those experiencing leaks into their apartments (is this the worst category?);

  3. those owners on the Committee receiving reports of water leaks into other people's apartments and/or common areas (definitely the worst category).

We agree, receiving frantic phone calls reporting water leaks during rainfall is not fun for anyone, least of all the people using towels on their window sills and carpet.

Even more fun... try getting a contractor out during the rain whilst everyone else on the Gold Coast needs one too.

There is a silver lining (we admit it is a very thin lining).

Record water leak locations on a building plan

Committee Members and Building Managers (together) can use heavy rainfall events to audit water leaks in the building.

Print a copy of your building plan, and during the rain, walk around each level of the building, recording the location of every area that is showing water ingress.

By recording a comprehensive diagram of every leak on a location map, your Committee has a record of every leak to show the contractor (when they can finally get there) and can start the journey towards addressing each source of water ingress. It also helps monitor whether attempted repairs have been successful or not, and keep a record of the reasonable steps your Body Corporate has taken to permanently fix the leak.

Addressing each leak, one by one until you eventually create a dry apartment building during rainfall is the goal.

Missing the opportunity to record the location and nature of each leak during rainfall, can create knowledge gaps between committee members, the body corporate manager and building manager. This can lead to inefficiencies in instructing repair contractors, delays while contractors work out exactly where a leak is coming from and frustration for residents experiencing water leaks.

Here at The Nuu Co, we are backed by over 10 years' experience in strata law, meaning we've seen how not properly addressing water leaks can lead to unnecessary disputes amongst owners. We promote harmony by giving Committee's great practical guidance to ensure they are acting in all owners' best interests.

Disclaimer: The above blog is a suggestion only. Other factors that will be relevant will be whether the Body Corporate or lot owner is responsible for repairing or maintaining the part of the building that is the source of the water ingress, and whether the building is still within the building warranty periods for new buildings or not. The Body Corporate has a statutory duty to repair and maintain common property and other defined building structures in a building format plan of subdivision. It must act reasonably when discharging that duty.

Please note the above blog is not legal advice.

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