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Who is on the Body Corporate committee for my building?
Committee members are elected at each AGM.

3-6 weeks before your Body Corporate financial year end date, the secretary must invite nominations for committee positions: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and ordinary members. If you want to nominate for a committee position, return your completed nomination form before the Body Corporate's financial year end date. 

The elected committee members are called "voting committee members". They vote on proposed Body Corporate decisions in between general meetings of all owners.

The Body Corporate manager is also automatically a non-voting committee member. The (Nuu) Co helps its committees understand what kind of decisions it can make, and what kinds of decisions must be voted on by all owners at a general meeting. We also help the committee action the projects it wants to complete, so owners can see their Body Corporate levies being invested back into their building.

If there is a Caretaker (appointed under a long-term contract with the Body Corporate), then the Caretaker is also automatically a non-voting committee member.

What does the committee do?
The committee makes decisions on a wide range of topics on behalf of the Body Corporate in between general meetings of all owners, including the following examples:​

Deciding what the agenda will be for the AGM
Preparing the proposed budgets for the administrative fund and sinking fund for each financial year
Proposing how much will be raised from owners for contributions (levies) 
Implementing the decisions of the Body Corporate at general meetings
Making other decisions that are within the committee's spending limit 
Considering applications by lot owners during the year (for things like renovation applications, pet applications)
Considering contracts that come up for renewal (for things like routine fire maintenance, electricity and gas contracts for the common property, body corporate management)
Calling and holding extraordinary general meetings to seek owner approval for proposed projects that cost more than the committee's spending limit
Regulating behaviour or events that breach the building's by-laws
Ensuring the Body Corporate has the mandatory insurance in place
Approving contractor invoices to be paid from body corporate funds

All lot owners are kept up to date with committee decisions as they are made.

How can a lot owner ask the committee to vote on a proposed decision?

Lot owners have the right to submit up to five motions about different issues in a 12-month period to the secretary for the committee to consider.
If you would like the committee to vote on a proposed decision, download, complete and email the below form to

After a lot owner submits a motion to the committee, the committee has a duty within six weeks to either: 
  1. decide the motion; or
  2. give the lot owner a written notice stating that the committee requires more time to decide the motion, the reason why, and the period (of no more than an additional six weeks (12 weeks in total from when the lot owner submitted the motion), within which the committee is to decide the lot owner’s motion; or
  3. advise the lot owner in writing that the committee has not decided the motion for the reason that it is a decision that:
  • the committee is restricted from making; or
  • conflicts with the Act; or
  • conflicts with the applicable regulation module; or
  • has already been voted on at a meeting; or
  • would be unlawful or unenforceable for another reason.

The (Nuu) Co's clients can download a copy of all committee decisions for free on their building's online Strata Vault which contains all of their Body Corporate's records.

Accessing your Body Corporate records

If you need another email invitation to log into Strata Vault, email us at with your name, lot number and building name to request another invitation link.

It's free to log in.
Strata Vault The Nuu Co.jpg

What is

Strata Vault?

At The (Nuu) Co, we know owners love transparency, especially about where their body corporate levies are spent.


Strata Vault is how we give all our owners 24/7 access to all of their body corporate records, and keep them up to date with what the committee is dealing with during the year.


Because if there's nothing to hide, why not show owners everything?

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