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When must meetings of all owners be held?

Annual general meetings (AGMs) of all owners must be held every year, within 3 months after your Body Corporate's financial year ends.

Every Body Corporate has its own unique financial year-end. It doesn't necessarily correspond with the 30 June Australian Financial Year End.

To find out when your Body Corporate's financial year ends, check out your Body Corporate's most recent financial statements. These are attached to every Notice of AGM which must be given to every owner at least 21 days before the AGM.

EGMs called by the committee
The committee also has the power to call and hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to ask the owners to vote on proposed decisions in between AGMs.

EGMs called by owners of 25% of the lots
If owners of at least 25% of all the lots in the community titles scheme sign a notice requesting an EGM (a requested EGM) to consider and decide motions proposed in the notice and give it to the secretary at the body corporate’s address for service, then the secretary must call the requested EGM within 14 days after the notice is given and must be hold the requested EGM within six weeks after the notice of requested EGM was given.

Who makes decisions for the Body Corporate in between AGMs and EGMs
In between AGMs and EGMs, the committee members vote by majority on proposed decisions made on behalf of the Body Corporate. 

Accessing your Body Corporate records

Did you know all owners can download all of the Notices of AGM, EGM, copies of financial statements and committee decisions from the online Strata Vault for your building?

If you need another email invitation to log into Strata Vault, email us at with your name, lot number and building name to request another invitation link.

It's free to log in.
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