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Caretaker duties

In Queensland, many buildings were set up with "management rights".

Management rights are long-term contracts that the original developer of your building signs your Body Corporate up for caretaking services and authorises the caretaker to operate a business of leasing units in the building on behalf of owners who opt into the 'letting pool'.

The 'caretaking contract' and the 'letting authorisation' are sometimes contained in one contract, and sometimes contained in separate contracts.

Every caretaking contract is different for every building.

Every Body Corporate pays its caretaker a fee that is set under their particular caretaking contract for their building.

To find out exactly what duties the Caretaker for your building must carry out, and to see how much your owners pay your Caretaker, log into the online Strata Vault for your Body Corporate records to download a copy of the caretaker's contract and invoices for your building.

If you need another email invitation into your online Strata Vault:

Email us at with your lot number, Body Corporate name and address and we will email you a new link shortly.

It's free for owners to log in.
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